Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Try, Try Again

I got the right ingredients for the gelatin gummies this time, and had success.  Lackluster as they appear, these little orange, lemon and ginger gummies, from the Autoimmune Wellness Handbook, are great!  When I was ordering the gelatin, I also treated myself to some cute little silicone molds. I'm a huge fan.  They were so easy to use.  There was also a mold sheet of gummy bears -- tiny ones, along with a little syringe for filling, but my gelatin was quickly firming up as it cooled to room temperature, so I didn't go to that trouble.  I just used my pyrex measuring cup with a spout to quickly fill the larger molds.  In less than an hour they were set.

I'm crazy about ginger, so I was a bit heavy with it.  The whisking of the liquid gelatin produced lots of little bubbles, which firmed up quickly.  I love letting the finished gummies melt in my mouth a little bit.    The resulting effect is akin to Pop Rocks.  I may be dating myself.  When we were kids we loved this candy that came in foil packets:  you poured it on your tongue and there were little explosions in your mouth, along with a spicy taste.  The bubbles in the gummies melting and the powdered ginger  reminded me of the Pop Rocks somehow.  Nostalgia!

These gummies are a great treat, but are also a wonderful source of protein and collagen.

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