Friday, July 15, 2016

Inspired by a Tomato Pie

While I strive for a gluten-free diet, I find that sprouted breads don't bother me and are a good stop-gap measure for a busy life.  Whether the toast is topped with cold liver and onions from the night before, a couple of organic eggs or an avocado, I'm frequently eating it for breakfast.

Today I stepped outside to find three micro-mini cherry tomatoes on my potted plant and, for some reason, a tomato pie a neighbor made years ago came to mind.  The pie was not a pizza, and it wasn't savory.  It wasn't overly sweet either, which is why I liked it so much.  It was really more of a delicate tart, a celebration of the tomato as the fruit that it actually is.  Inspired by this memory, I endeavored a taste test.  Ezekiel Toast topped with grassfed butter, thinly sliced fresh tomatoes and a light drizzle of organic local honey brought the essence of the long ago pie to the palate.  I will be experimenting more with this combination of flavors.