Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Sometimes spoonies' energy lags at certain points in the day, despite our best efforts.  For me, when the fatigue hits I also stop thinking clearly -- not the best time to pick a snack.  It's a good idea to have an advance plan for times like these, with go-to easy options on hand.

Today, these delicious canned sardines from Vital Choice fit the bill.  Sourced from Portugal, these are the best canned sardines I've tasted and are sustainably harvested.  They come in a few different varieties.  These were packed in water, so I added a shake of dried chipotle and a forkful of capers for flavor.  It was an amazing "tide me over" as my grandma Eula used to call it.  A calm energy returned and I was able to think through the rest of my day.

The Vital Choice sardines are also available packed in extra virgin olive oil, with or without a single red pepper, or tomato sauce.  I love the one with the oil and pepper best -- fantastic right out of the can!  VC also has canned mackerel, which I'm eager to try.  Both are excellent sources of Omega3 fatty acids, essential to brain and central nervous system health.  I'm not a paid advertiser, and am only sharing the information about Vital Choice because my Functional Medicine doctor recommended the company.  It's also where I order my flash-frozen wild caught fish-- also sustainably sourced.  The products are amazing and the company is great to work with.

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