Monday, October 2, 2017

Non-Dairy Yogurt

Through many years of pursuing health, my diet has taken a few twists and turns.  Rather than finding replacements for foods I stopped eating, I tended to shift my eating style altogether.  For example, when I stopped consuming dairy, I steered clear of vegan cheeses for the most part, opting for the luscious mouthfeel of avocado or almond butter instead.

Whether vegan, pescetarian, paleo or now Wahls' Protocol, I've not eaten dairy since 2010.  I haven't missed it -- I thought.

Yesterday I found a very expensive coconut milk yogurt at Whole Foods.  I've recently been trying to determine if I have a sensitivity to coconut milk, so in the interest of investigation, I purchased the delicacy.  The rich, tangy, delicious dairy free yogurt was sooooo good -- and I noticed no allergic symptoms.  So either the coconut milk was heated or cooked (it seems that only raw coconut bothers me) or the fermentation process renders the coconut inoffensive.
I cannot in good conscience continue to purchase the luscious Whole Foods pint of yum for $10, so I'm trying to learn how to make it myself.  Here's my first foray into yogurt making.  I am loosely following Dr. Wahls' recipe, which utilizes live probiotics.  I have a very good refrigerated capsule, but it isn't her brand.  My cost on the can of coconut milk was about $3.33.  I heated the milk through before adding the gelatin, not just the water, but then I allowed it to cool before adding the contents of the capsule so the heat wouldn't kill the little critters.  I'll let you know how it turns out after about 24 hours or so.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Holy Mackerel!

I know -- more fish!  But this mackerel was soooo delicious!  Firmer than sardines, mild and buttery in flavor, these Portuguese tinned filets from Vital Choice are a revelation.  They were amazing on this bed of greens and raw vegetables with kalamata olives and capers.