Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An Early Fail (and What I Did About it)

Still getting myself up to speed with Mickey Trescott's and Angie Alt's book, I'm trying to implement a few more of the suggestions, here and there.  I liked the idea of gelatin gummies, and I thought I had some of the ingredients, so I gave 'em a whirl.  I made juice from frozen wild blueberries and followed the recipe.  I had Great Lakes Collagen, which I've used for smoothies in the past, so I figured it would be as good as Great Lakes Gelatin.


It's hard to tell in this still photo, but this panful is still liquid after chilling overnight.  I hated to waste it, so I poured it into the Vitamix with lots of ice.  I had to do it in batches, because it got very big and fluffy!

Here's about a quarter of the collagen/blueberry concoction, which is probably plenty to have at one time since the honey from the recipe makes it pretty sweet.  It was light and fluffy, more like a mousse than a smoothie. I kept the rest of the liquid in a mason jar in the fridge until I was ready for another blueberry mousse drink.
The carton of gelatin should be arriving tomorrow, and then I'll try to do it right.

Experimenting with a failed recipe attempt is a good way to learn about how these unusual ingredients behave.  Now I know.  Waste not, want not!

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