Friday, April 18, 2014

Tuesday's Food

Tuesday, Tax Day, I was still uncomfortably full from Monday's food and really craving juice so, as I already mentioned, I gave in and whipped myself up a lovely batch.

I started with kale, green cabbage, romaine, a lemon, an apple, and a knob of ginger. There were about 6 cups of raw veggies and fruits, and the yield was about 18 oz. Here are the first 12 oz. This was so delicious and easy to get down. Isn't it pretty too? I had to have it, and got loads of energy from it but still was not hungry at all until lunch, when I had the rest of it with a boiled egg and some seaweed snacks. Finally, for dinner I had some rice noodles with sesame oil and about a cup of cucumbers and a cup of raw spinach, topped with toasted sesame seeds. I still wasn't hungry enough to eat any more than that, and was very tired so was in bed by 8:30.

I know I did a terrible job of the Wahls Protocol Tuesday, but at least I was gluten free. The food is just not moving through my system quickly enough right now for me to eat more.

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