Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Setback

I've been eager to share lots of good food we ate for Easter, but on Monday I succumbed to what I have to assume was food poisoning. There was a high fever which passed after a day but the intestinal issues have been slower to move on. In the last 48 hours I have consumed 2 cans of ginger ale, a piece of gluten-free toast and a bowl of broth with a couple of kale leaves torn into it. That's all.

Without getting into the reasons why (you don't want me to), I am certain the offending food was not from anything I cooked.  My husband does suggest that I may have been taxing my system with the amount of animal protein I've introduced. He has a point. Going from nothing at all to a couple of times a day has got to be jarring to the system. I must say that, now that the nausea and cramps have stopped, I feel more comfortable than I have since starting the Wahls Protocol. I'm reluctant to eat anything at this point, but of course I will, albeit gingerly.

When I get my strength back I'll share Easter!

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