Saturday, April 19, 2014


When will I blog in close-to-real-time? Not sure. There's a pretty big learning curve here and I'm documenting everything while still reading the book, figuring this out on the fly -- recording mistakes and all, so I can track any patterns when the results come flying in. Truly, it would be better for me to catch up a bit since memory fades if too much time goes by. A jotted note and a blurry snapshot isn't enough sometimes.

Here we go:  Thursday morning, after the stew extravaganza of the evening before, I had another bloated and sluggish start. TMI perhaps but I feel I should clarify: when I say "bloated and sluggish" I do not mean constipated -- everything has just slowed from the instantaneous digestion of the vegan days, not stopped -- I just literally mean bloated and sluggish in terms of energy level. Lucky for me, I had just enough steamed baby bok choy leftovers to cut that sluggishness with a clean-veg vibe. No protein though -- I wasn't feelin' it. I ate two cups of b.b.choy cold. It was delicious and my body was happy. For a little treat, I ate about half a cup of frozen mixed berries. I like them still icy.

By lunchtime I was ready to pile on the heavy food again. I fixed a big bowlful of mashed cauliflower, raw spinach and oxtail stew leftovers: one cup each. The stew was mostly devoid of meat at this point, but I did gnaw on a couple little cartilaginous bones. Since I was watching the final episode of Breaking Bad, I kept eating, slowly -- a few seaweed snacks and a store-bought Kombucha. WOW! What a finish to an amazing show.

For dinner, my husband was grilling chicken thighs. Here is where my vegan>Wahls Protocol psychology doesn't make sense: I cannot bring myself to eat chicken (it just doesn't appeal and feels more anatomy-apparent) but yet I happily gnawed on cartilaginous tailbone during Breaking Bad. Since I wasn't having the chicken, I made a big pot of garlic (about 5 cloves) and collards, sauteed in coconut oil with {cheat} navy beans. I can almost hear you: Of course you are bloated and miserable. Why not try the real Protocol? I hear you -- I'm working my way there and tracking the changes and my mistakes as I lean in. Gluten-free is a huge step, and I'm putting that ahead of ridding the pantry of beans.

It was really, really good. You can see it's mostly greens. Some of those white specks are garlic. I am justifying, spinning, but this is my daughter's favorite thing I make. Jury's still out about giving up this dish. Needing a little more beastly, anti-chicken protein, I found this in the freezer:

Doesn't that seem to fit the bill? I even prepared it in the oven instead of the microwave. The grains and veggies were pretty good, but the salmon was disappointing -- only food as medicine. I love salmon, and prepare it well when I have a plan. Moral of the story is . . . get a plan.

Veggie tally for the day? another strong 6 and a half cups, with seaweed bonus!

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