Sunday, April 20, 2014


On Friday morning I was again bloated, sluggish and lacking energy. The brain fog seemed to be back.  I hadn't slept well. It's time to start considering the foods. Thursday I felt so well after eating cold steamed bok choy and berries. The last food before the sluggish Friday morning was the frozen salmon meal which included a pilaf of rice and quinoa. I also had beans. I'm not drawing conclusions yet, just noting the foods.

Food for a foggy start: a 2 egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms. Raw, the veggies were about a cup. I used coconut oil, and drizzled olive oil at the end along with a generous shake of nutritional yeast -- delicious! I felt well-fed, but still unfocused. I did myself no further favors with my further Friday food choices -- I poured myself a delicious glassful of carageenan-loaded coconut milk mixed with dark chocolate almond milk. Can you tell I wasn't thinking straight? I have trouble choking down all my supplements each day without becoming nauseous, and something thick like this glassful sometimes helps. But it didn't help anything else.

I ate the same old leftovers for lunch -- they are all gone now -- stew, cauliflower and greens-n-beans. I am indeed seeing a pattern.

For dinner we had some fun. My husband and I went to a tapas bar where they feature wine pairing suggestions. You can order a sip, a half a glass or a whole glass, or the whole bottle, of course. Dining out has always posed challenges for me as a vegan. Being gluten- dairy- and legume-free is a different kind of challenge, but I was excited to try some things I haven't in years. This was my favorite dish -- seared tuna with a passionfruit glaze. It was wonderful -- not sweet at all, pleasantly tart, and the meat was prime. I also shared a flank steak plate with my husband and duck confit tacos. The steak was great, the duck was not -- stringy, gamey, dry and on crisp flour shells which I did not eat. I dug out the unappealing meat and purple cabbage and ate it with a fork. I liked the cabbage. We always get papas fritas when we go to this restaurant -- exquisite fresh potato chips with a drizzle of truffle oil. It used to be one of the only things for a vegan. The potatoes were amazing, but empty filler food, of course.

Veg tally for Friday: only about 4 and a half cups. It's a bit of a vicious cycle where I was foggy from not planning the right foods, so therefore I set myself up for the next fog. We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

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