Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easy Organic Meatballs With Tomatoes

This meal was perfect for me. It's an example of something that would fit into the Wahl's Protocol without challenging or stressing my system. My only regret is that I had no leftovers. The organic ground beef packets available to me weigh exactly a pound. When my husband and son saw what I was doing with the meatballs, they claimed the lion-share of the meat for two hamburgers they grilled (the best burgers they've tasted, they said!). 

Having no interest in bread myself, I was left with a paltry amount of meat which produced these five golf ball-sized morsels. They'd have been even smaller without the onion and parsley I added. Veggies cook down, of course, but when I formed these meatballs they seemed to have equal parts veg/meat. The meatballs are simply organic beef, minced onion and Italian parsley. I sauteed them in coconut oil over medium-high heat with some cherry tomatoes, turning them periodically so that all sides were browned.   Some of the onions fell out, making sort of a tomato compote for the meatballs. While I prefer meat on the rare side normally, for ground meats I opt to cook it thoroughly. There's no way of knowing the level of bacteria on a meat grinder, even with organic products. Being immune-compromised, I've learned not to take chances. The cooked meatballs were not dry at all -- probably because of all the onions. 

This plateful, with steamed broccoli, was luscious and was the perfect amount for my system, imparting the calm, grounded strength it needs. I miss this food already. Maybe next time I'll buy two organic meat packets. The leftovers would be wonderful with some kelp noodles or over spaghetti squash or sage polenta.  Mmmm -- inspired!

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