Friday, May 2, 2014

Dr. Wahls' Liver and Onions

I did try Dr. Wahls' recipe last week and it really was delicious, and not too difficult, though it has been a while since I have "poured off bacon grease". Actually, since my upper body strength is nil, I had to ladle off the grease. It was a three-minute process, so it was hardly a hassle, but I'm normally a pretty lazy cook. Yes, the liver was a big hit for my husband and me, but our daughter had no interest. We liked it with a little squeeze of lemon. I sauteed kale with lots of garlic, and it was a wonderful meal.

This effort yielded two recipes in one. After we were finished our meal, I put the substantial leftovers into the food processor to make pate. Since there was a fair amount of juice left over, I got the bright idea of incorporating gelatin into the mix. My family heritage includes following health recommendations from the Edgar Cayce readings (Mr. Cayce was a family friend). I grew up knowing which foods should or should not be eaten together, among many other bits of wisdom. For anyone with a nervous system disorder or joint issues, natural gelatin was highly favored. Mom always served aspics and other gelatin molds. I reluctantly eschewed these during my vegan years. Now that I am eating for neurological health, I had purchased a new cannister of gelatin and was looking for ways to incorporate it again into my diet. The liver pate was a perfect vehicle. I warmed the liver and onion liquid in the pan, spooned in three tablespoons of gelatin, melted it over low heat until it was smooth, then added it to the food processor with the rest of the liver mixture. Overnight in the fridge, and we had the most amazing pate!

I ate it every day for breakfast. Here, besides the carrot slices, I rolled the pate up into spinach leaves and spread it on gluten-free bread. On other days I enjoyed the pate on fresh radish slices and some wonderful new crackers I found made out of ALMONDS! Great idea, Blue Diamond! I worried I was relying too much on rice. Almonds seem more nutritious. Besides breakfast, we enjoyed a little snack of the pate while making dinner each day.  Dr. Wahls' Liver recipe turned out to be a win-win in our household.

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