Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lamb Chops with Lemon

I have misty memories of the days of lamb and mint jelly, which I did enjoy as a child. It seemed back then that was the only way to serve lamb. I can't imagine using that much sugar now.

Still striving for only organic meats, I made use of these little organic gems last night. I marinated them in lemon juice and thyme from my garden for about an hour and then quickly fried them in coconut oil for 3 minutes per side. There were three of them and just one was the perfect amount for me. at 1.5" thick, this chop was smaller than my fist. Veggies made up the rest of my plateful: a melange of onion, celery and mushrooms and simply steamed asparagus. Everything was delicious.This was about as close to perfect for a Wahls Protocol meal as I will likely get. I felt well-fed and calm from this meal. I look forward to eating the remaining chop for lunch.

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