Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meatloaf and Parsnips

My apologies -- I have no recipe today for these recent creations. It was one of those Sunday afternoons when I was only puttering around in the kitchen, not expecting much. This all turned out pretty fabulous and healthy. Note to self:  take notes next time you putter.

I've told you about my pureed parsnips before (yum). To recap:  peel, chop and boil several fresh parsnips for about 13 minutes, then drain, reserving a little bit of the boiling water.  In a food processor, put parsnips, grass-fed butter, salt and nutmeg to taste. Process the parsnips 'til homogenous, and adjust moisture by adding a little of the boiling water, if needed, process some more until the tubers are smooth and silky mmmmm.

As for the meatloaf, here's what I remember:  I used a pound of ground grass-fed buffalo, half an onion, chopped, half a zucchini, shredded, chopped celery and carrots (one each, I think) an egg and about a cup of almond flour (powdered almonds -- I used Bob's Red Mill) instead of bread crumbs. I'm trying to cut down on gluten, so this fit the bill. I did add a small pinch of kosher salt and a splash of tamari.  I greased a glass bread pan with coconut oil, and for a glaze, I mixed organic ketchup and tamari, and spooned it on top. I think I baked this for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. It was amazing, and I don't have any other meatloaf eaters in the family so it was mine, all mine!

This did fall apart a little bit, so maybe next time I will add a second egg or fewer "bread crumbs" (almond flour). I won't leave out the veggies, though -- I'm sure that's where all the flavor came from.  Sorry I can't be more help, but maybe this can be regenerative food for thought!

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