Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spooky! + My Autumnal Garden

When I peered out my back window, I marveled at the leaf seemingly hovering in midair. Upon closer inspection:

This web was enormous -- stretching all the way across the path of our forest. The spider looked like a brown recluse, so I didn't get very close.  Looking at these photos, it's surprising to see how dark our forest is in midday. The leafy cover is very thick still, despite the season beginning to turn.

While the output of the garden has slowed, and the temperature is still summer-hot, there is a sepia tone to the plot which portends the coming of Autumn.

Look at how beautiful my rotten-cabbage-in-the-crisper-surprise turned out to be! I love how the water droplets sit still upon the frosty surface of the leaves.

These tomatoes are huge, but they refuse to redden. Because the trees around the garden have grown, they don't get as much sun as they want. I picked one anyway and set it upon my counter to see what would happen. I was surprised to see it turn red within a week. It certainly gets less sun inside my house than it did in the garden, and our indoor 74 degrees shouldn't be as conducive to ripening as the great outdoors' hellish 90's, but redden it did. My leading theory has to do with the lack of jungle-like humidity on the inside. If anyone has a more well-informed hypothesis, I'd be interested!

Bonus food shot: another recent breakfast. I know you've seen lots of eggs, but they are always so pretty I have to catch them -- in this case with arugula and mixed grape tomatoes.

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