Monday, September 1, 2014

A Sustainable Source

Some time ago, one of the physicians with whom I worked at Atlanta Functional Medicine recommended a wonderful website for sustainable, sushi-grade, wild-caught fish: Vital Choice. At the time I was still mostly vegan, only occasionally partaking of sea creatures. As my diet has evolved, I've learned that animal protein is crucial for my health, but only organic animal protein. I can palpably feel the negative effects of non-organic animals. Though I have yet to accomplish a fully Wahls Protocol diet, I've incorporated as much of it as my system will currently tolerate. I do suspect I'll find the Protocol easier to follow as I adjust, but I'm not doing myself any favors by eating grocery store, non-organic animals.

Vital Choice is predictably on the pricey side, but there are ways to maximize savings by selecting random-sized pieces of fish. I chose four lbs. of wild-caught King Salmon frozen in individual servings, and four lbs. of Atlantic Cod, frozen in four large 1 lb. chunks. I will need to do some planning for the cod. Nobody here loves fish the way I do, but if I get creative, I bet I could sell fresh ceviche in addition to fillets on the grill, en papillote or sauteed with some of these lovely tomatoes or some fresh greens. I'll share future experiments.

Obviously the salmon in individual portions is easier to thaw and prepare on the fly, and I've enjoyed it so much -- so fresh and with no "fishy" or "off" scent or flavor. I normally like mine more rare than this one, but in the spirit of enlisting my husband in my fish-eating frenzy, I was grateful to have him grill a couple of filets. They were delicious with lemon and a pile of fresh dill. 

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