Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Perfectly Protocol

What a delicious meal this was! I sauteed a large shallot in coconut oil, then seared a lovely piece of wild ahi tuna for only two minutes on each side, leaving it still rare in the center. Meanwhile, I fried broccoli and garlic at a fairly high heat in more coconut oil, turning periodically until crisp-tender. The broccoli was finished with a little olive oil once I took it off the heat. Finally, my very favorite replacement for starch: parsnip puree! I boiled peeled, organic parsnip chunks for about 12 minutes, then drained and processed them (in a food processor -- too dry for a vitamix) with a little of the boiling water, some coconut milk, salt, pepper and lots of nutmeg. The puree beats the heck outta mashed potatoes!

Each item on the plate was of such high quality in taste and nutrition, I was left with an overwhelming sense of well-being for having treated myself, followed soon-after by overwhelming regret that there was none left! No worries -- I'll be making this again!

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