Monday, August 18, 2014

Adventures in Bone Broth

Have you tried it? In our fast-paced world, it's a little different to boil bones with the dregs of your crisper for five hours. Dr. Wahls suggests boiling from 4 hours to 3 days. I stopped at 5 hours because I don't trust my slow-cooker to be unattended. It gets hot. The early part of the boil smelled pretty bad, but "Bone Broth" has turned out to be something that really seems to help me. I can palpably feel its benefits even as I'm sipping it. Dr. Wahls says it's wonderful for neurological regeneration, and I'm all about that.

Here are some of my experiments:

This mugful was prepared the way Dr. Wahls likes to drink it with a little organic coconut milk and some turmeric. I thought it was delicious, warm and energizing. If you are wondering, those are some of the boiling veggies in there. I didn't strain this mugful. The broth is so filling that it takes quite some time to drink, so I just walk around the house with it as I do housework, etc.

This chocolate milkshake was better than any other one I've had, pre-vegan, pre-Wahls Protocol -- ever.    In the Vitamix, I used a cup of bone broth, half a cup of chocolate coconut water (Zico was the brand I used) a frozen banana, a few ice cubes, some cinnamon and nutmeg. This was rich and thick and luscious -- I was so sorry to see it go. (For this one, I did strain the broth)

This ratatouille-bone broth soup was so easy. In the Vitamix, I blended leftover ratatouille with a cup of the bone broth and a pinch of salt. This would have been nice warm or cold, but I enjoyed it warm. I bet I'll be able to do this with lots of leftovers.

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