Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Double Basil Fried Rice

This isn't the most Wahls-compliant meal, but it could be worse.  It's an example of making the most of what I have.

I've not had a car for a few days, so I've had to get creative with what's left in the larder.  My family decided to order Thai food the other night, and while I'd normally prefer to make my own food, my crisper had slim pickins so I ordered Basil Fried Rice for myself.

To make it better, I sauteed sweet potato leaves, kale, mushrooms and garlic, then stirred it into the rice.  I finished it with lots of fresh, raw green and purple basil from my garden.  I definitely made the most of that takeout carton.  It was delicious and fed me for 3 meals!

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