Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Couple of Great Smoothies

Isn't this one pretty? I like a light smoothie to help my piles of supplements go down.  I normally use it as a vehicle for antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies or superfoods.  This blueberry smoothie accidentally became more of a blueberry sorbet since too many frozen organic berries fell into the blender.  There was at least a cup of berries, along with half a frozen banana and a cup of coconut water.  There wasn't enough liquid to make it drinkable so I used a spoon along with the straw.  Since this was so solid, I didn't add the collagen that normally goes into my smoothies.  This was a lovely, not-too-sweet, three-ingredient way to swallow piles of pills.  I just had to manage the speed of the transaction to avoid a slurpee headache.

This simple smoothie surprised me with the decadent flavor of banana-rum!  Really, all it contained was a cup of coconut water, half a frozen banana, 4 tablespoons of collagen powder (so good for neurology and skin!) and 15 drops of the botanical superfood, hawthorn.  The hawthorn is in an alcohol base, and has a warm, sweet flavor anyway, so, in this smoothie, it tasted like rum.  I obviously added a shake of nutmeg, which enhanced the warm, delicious flavor.  I'll be making this one again!!

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