Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Walmart has Kerrygold!

Along with quite a few new organic products I like, Walmart in Alpharetta now has Kerrygold unsalted, grass-fed butter!  Why is this a big deal?  The price is $3.44, which represents a savings of between 55 cents (compared to local grocery stores) and $2.55 (compared to Whole Foods).  We go through this stuff and the savings will accumulate quickly.

This is the only dairy product I eat.  It doesn't bother my system like milk, cheese or yogurt would, and the high omega-3 content makes it a wonderful healthy fat that's superior to the bacon fat used in a lot of Wahls recipes (I use that too, but much less than I did at first).  From the occasional bulletproof coffee to a silky veggie saute, it's a staple, and one of the only things that all of us eat.  I'm grateful to Walmart for expanding their offerings, and to Kerrygold for expanding their supply without reducing the quality of their product.

I receive no compensation for mentioning these companies.  I just like to point out when folks are doing something right.

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