Saturday, December 13, 2014

Organic Chicken Livers

My foray into the Wahls' Protocol thus far has been a trial and error learning experience. I've found that the Wahls' principles are best employed, for my system, with some caveats. I wasn't made to eat meat every day, though I do benefit from very high quality animal proteins on a regular basis, but only if they are organic. Non-organic animal protein palpably makes me feel worse. I mostly crave liver and fish, so that's the animal protein I eat. Dark leafy greens are once again the mainstay of my healthy diet. I feel that alternating animal protein vs. vegetable meals leaves enough room for the consumption of a sufficient amount of greens. With too much meat, I can't get enough greens because the system becomes so heavy.

Organic chicken livers aren't easy to find in my area. I've only seen them at Whole Foods -- once. They are featured in this photo. This dish, loosely based upon Dr. Wahls' recipe, was the most delicious liver I've had. I didn't use bacon, since my cholesterol, historically very low, has risen dramatically since I started eating meat. I did use onions, mushrooms and a little balsamic vinegar, and finished it all off with a bright splash of fresh lemon juice.  Mmmm -- I hope Whole Foods can find me some more organic livers.

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